Lydia has gone to press!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yay!!!!  Lydia went to press last Thursday!!!  I started writing it a little less than two years ago with little idea of submitting it to anyone for publication, but then the itch set in to know what others might think of it. I finally sent off queries, synopses, and in some cases partials or full manuscripts.  The response was so positive, with some agents or publishers interested in looking at it further, that I revised the whole manuscript and resubmitted it.  Walnut Springs Press made the first offer, and I accepted.  They are an excellent fit for me because of their high standards, professionalism, and insight.  They are absolutely wonderful to work with.  I am nearly done with my second book and will soon begin the revision process.  I love to write and plan on writing many more novels in the future. 


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