Saturday, May 19, 2012

My second book is almost ready to submit!

I haven't posted to Blogger for almost two months.  I've just been extremely busy.  I finished the third revision of my second book this morning and feel like celebrating, so I'm going to post a snippet from the second to last chapter.  It isn't a spoiler that will give anything away, but I just thought it woul be fun to post something from the end in celebration of getting this far.  Thanks for taking a minute to read it.

The idea of pummeling them both crossed her mind, so desperate was she to reach Lord Carrington before he departed, but her family had not come this far to be sunk into the depths of embarrassment by her impulsive whims.  Though racked with an impatience that hurt to her bones, she halted and joined them at a quick-step.  Of course, the introduction was followed by a few agonizing minutes of prattle, after which she politely excused herself.