Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My manuscript just needs a little more editing. I hope to submit it by August (fingers xxxx).

The stately manor of Sherbourne Park was visible here and there between the last trees of Rowley Wood.  “Alexandra,” Rupert said in a near whisper as a sharp pang constricted his chest.  He looked away and clenched his jaw hard against a heaviness of heart and mind that threatened to unleash a flood of emotions he no longer dared entertain.  Wave after wave of pleasant visions of her lashed against his waning resolve. She danced softly through his mind, the colorful tapestry of her character stirring his admiration.  The passionate expressiveness of her eyes often mirrored the torment he knew weighed heavily on her mind, yet all the world seemed more glorious when she favored it with one of her brilliant, but gentle, smiles.