Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh dear!  Wednesday came and went and I forgot to post a snippet from my WIP.  I just finished the second revision of my manuscript, but I am far from done.  Thanks for taking a moment to read this week's post.

***Lord Yelverton had paid her several attentive visits since their first meeting at her uncle’s London establishment.  Few would describe him as less than very handsome.  He had large blue eyes and the build of a well-muscled athlete, but he had a great want of spirit and possessed virtually no sense of humor.  His attentions were flattering but kindled little more in her than a distant appreciation for his kindness.  Those of her acquaintance who noticed his partiality toward her readily expounded on his virtues and her excellent good fortune to have attracted his notice.  To her at this moment he amounted to nothing more than an unwished-for nuisance.  Nevertheless, her flagging patience had not reached its limit.

My second Regency is mainly in the hero’s point-of-view.  Lord Rupert is the rakish son of the Marquess of Lansdowne.  His covert escapades to ferret out a ring of aristocratic criminals requires that he disappear into the British countryside for a short time under a false identity.  Here he meets Alexandra Dancy, a country miss whose family hides its aristocratic origins because they must guard a dark secret.  How can the two overcome the prejudices and hidden identities that divide them?  Sorry, you will just have to wait and read it to learn the answer.


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